Wednesday, January 8, 2014

She Plans: A Look Inside Planner 3.0

Hey everyone! So in my last post, I promised I'd show you my new planner, affectionately dubbed "Planner 3.0". I thought doing a video would help give you a better look instead of just pictures. When I first recorded this, I discovered something about myself that my friends probably already know: I talk a lot.

I trimmed it down and decided to make it into a series. So here is Part 1, which will show you my monthly calendar and the general set-up of my planner. It's also the longest in the series (so far), so stick with me!

Some links I mention in the video:

In my next post, I'll show you my weekly pages & my project section in Part 2! Now that we've already made it through the first week of January, have you decided on a calendar yet? If not, when do you start looking for one?


  1. Thanks for sharing your Arc Planner set up! Would you mind sharing your laminated Dailies page in more detail? I thought it was great, and would appreciate having a place to start from. Thanks!

    1. Sure! I'll see if I can get a printable one up sometime, but for now, here's the plain-jane list:

      Morning Routine
      Read Bible & Pray
      Make bed
      Get dressed to shoes
      Wipe bathroom counters
      KIDS: Walk dogs
      KIDS: Feed dogs
      KIDS: Put away dinner dishes from last night
      Start washing machine
      What's for dinner?
      Breakfast dishes

      Evening Routine
      Dinner dishes
      Sweep floor
      KIDS: Empty garbage
      KIDS: Walk dogs
      Put away clean laundry
      Check tomorrow's calendar
      Set out tomorrow's clothes
      KIDS: shower
      Work out
      My shower

      Jason's laundry
      KIDS: Emily's laundry
      KIDS: Clean bedrooms
      Vacuum living room & dining
      KIDS: Matthew's laundry
      Pack Lunch
      Clean Kitchen
      Pack Lunch
      Prep for bible study
      Clean bathroom (toilet/sink/mirrors/floor)
      Pack Lunch
      Blog or Write
      Clean my bedroom
      KIDS: Joey's laundry
      Make menu & grocery list
      Pay bills
      Grocery shopping
      My laundry

      Monthly Checklist
      Give dogs flea meds
      Upload phone pics to computer

      I just split the weeklies up so that my Mon-Wed is on one side and the Thur-Sun is on the other side, so that way the side I need is always opposite the days on my planner. The Dailies are repeated on both sides, to cut down on flipping. You know, because that extra step of flipping it back & forth is so time consuming. ;)