Saturday, December 27, 2014

Frixion Pens: A Review

I've been using Pilot Frixion Pens in my planner for the last 6 months and I love them! But others hate them...which makes it confusing if you are trying to decide to buy some because who do you believe?

I decided to do a video review so you could see them in action and make an informed decision! In the video I cover things like:

  • Color choices
  • Erasing & then rewriting--what's the secret to smooth/clear writing?
  • Erasing when the ink is still wet vs. dry
  • Can you laminate a page with Frixion ink on it?
  • What does Frixion and Freezers have to do with each other??
  • What should you use these pens on...and what should you NOT?

Check out my review and if you use Frixion pens, let me know what your experience has been!

**I have purchased these pens on my own and these opinions are my own...Your mileage may vary!**