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Monday, January 27, 2014

She Plans: Storing Extra Supplies

I recorded this first, before my other videos...I don't know why...LOL But here is how I store my extra stuff and other random things like that. One thing you need to know: I'm totally wrong on the disc measurements! Sorry about that! LOL

Martha Stewart/Avery has 1" & 1 1/4" & Staples has 1" & 1 1/2", but I've recently heard of Levenger Circa discs having more options (both size & color).

And just to clarify, these are my own opinions--I don't work for Staples or anything, honest! LOL

Links I mention in the video:
Prayer Starters by Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Menus & Printables
Dave Ramsey/Finances

Next, I'll dive into kitchen organization! What is the biggest struggle you have in keeping your kitchen, pantry, or even menus organized? Leave a comment!

Friday, January 17, 2014

She Plans: Menus, Budgets & Notes, Oh My!

In this video, I'll show you a little bit on how I plan my meals each week, as well as a few other sections in my planner.

I have one more video in the series after this one, in case you were wondering: how I keep my planner supplies & extras organized! I don't expect this blog to be *just* about planners, but about organization in general. It just so happens that this is how I decided to start the year off! Time management is a big issue--if you can't keep your schedule or routines organized, it will be difficult to keep everything else in line!

What are some things you struggle to keep organized?

Monday, January 13, 2014

She Plans: Weekly Schedule & Project List

As promised, here's a look at my weekly set-up and my project list. I've used the Martha Stewart pages in the past, but I didn't utilize the space as well because she uses a column layout for each day...then each day is separated into morning, afternoon & evening. You can check those out here.

I like the week on 2 pages set-up that I'm using now. I like the amount of writing space on this layout, because I typically don't write in an "appointment" format, but rather just in a to-do list format, and the wide, lined space allows me to write to my heart's content! Here's my Part 2:

Links I mention in the video:

In my next video, I'll show you the rest of my tabs! What is your favorite way to organize your to-do lists?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

She Plans: A Look Inside Planner 3.0

Hey everyone! So in my last post, I promised I'd show you my new planner, affectionately dubbed "Planner 3.0". I thought doing a video would help give you a better look instead of just pictures. When I first recorded this, I discovered something about myself that my friends probably already know: I talk a lot.

I trimmed it down and decided to make it into a series. So here is Part 1, which will show you my monthly calendar and the general set-up of my planner. It's also the longest in the series (so far), so stick with me!

Some links I mention in the video:


In my next post, I'll show you my weekly pages & my project section in Part 2! Now that we've already made it through the first week of January, have you decided on a calendar yet? If not, when do you start looking for one?

Monday, January 6, 2014

She Plans on Paper

ver the years I have tried to perfect my schedule-keeping methods. I used to keep a pocket calendar when I was in high school--you know the kind, with sunflowers or kittens on the front? When I married, I had a wall calendar up, with stickers, colored pens, etc. But the problem was, I was the only one using it! So, I started using my phone calendar--it was easy to update on the go, and I could send a quick text to my husband so he could put it in his phone.

Then my phone broke.

It was never quite the same after that, and eventually I replaced it because I could no longer turn it on or anything. The touch screen had become completely unresponsive. I lost all my information, calendar or otherwise. Sad day.

Friday, January 3, 2014

She Can Laminate!

I just wanted to post a picture of one of my exciting Christmas gifts...yes, folks, it's a laminator! I have to admit, no one though to get one for me, but they did get my one of my close-second "favorite things": an Amazon gift card! I knew right away what I was going to purchase...

I use a laminator at work at least twice a week, if not more. Every now and then I have something at home that I need to laminate but I don't want (or have time) to take it down to the office to take care of it. What would you need a home laminator for?

Here are some ideas:

  • protect paper insurance/ID/membership cards
  • preserve kids' art projects
  • protect your master to-do list (use a dry erase marker to tick off completed items then wipe clean at the end of the day)
  • create crafts (place mats, bookmarks, etc.)
  • create a dry-erase board in a pinch!
  • flash cards for the student in your home
  • turn pretty scrapbook paper into planner inserts/dividers
If that's not enough, simply do an online search for ideas and you will come up with a ton of stuff! So, here I am now, with my very own laminator for home and I'm thinking about joining a support group for laminator-aholics.


Now, let's LAMINATE!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

She Has Goals

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year when everyone makes goals--some are easy but others are challenging. Some will be met, and some will be forgotten or are simply unattainable (winning the lotto anyone?).

Traditionally, I take the minimalist approach: make few goals and you have fewer chances of failure! But this year, I just feel like it's a good year to push myself. Here are some things I'd like to do in 2014, with my plan below each one:

  • Get (and stay) more organized
    • I'd like to use my planner more, and I'm also hoping this blog will help keep me accountable and on track!
  • Pump up my fitness routine (double my current 1-hour/week)
    • I currently attend a weekly Zumba class, but I'd like to add an at-home fitness routine that is small bursts of 20 min. exercises, 3 times a week
  • Eat cleaner (less processed, more whole foods)
    • Last fall I cut out caffeine & sugar, but it only lasted 6 weeks. I'd like to start again and implement more vegetables this time. No more "forgetting" to eat and then rushing through a drive through or over to the candy jar!
  • Complete my first year of classes toward my credentials (I'm half way there, but I took a year off...)
    • I'm going to look into a couple of online options, and hope my current credits transfer
  • Blog regularly
What are some of your goals? Do you have a plan to keep them? Share in the comments!