Monday, April 7, 2014

To Keep Sane

It's been a long time coming but I cleaned out my purse today. It took me an hour or so! I had tons of crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, pens, coins, etc. During the last three months I've been so go-go-go that I just shoved stuff in and went on my way! I swear it weighed 15lbs. But during this move, I stopped using my purse altogether and just took my wallet with me because of all the junk! You know what happened? My wallet got so full of crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, pens, wouldn't even zip closed!

So this morning I cleaned it out, emptying every nook & cranny and only put back stuff I need. I use a make up bag to carry emergency feminine supplies, headache & allergy medicine, deodorant, etc. Then I have my planner and my wallet. That's about all that's in there now!

It's amazing how that physical clutter can cause mental clutter. I lost a good 5-10lbs, and I gained back my sanity this morning! 

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