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Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Updated Planner

I'm so excited about my planner updates! When I cleaned out my purse, I also reorganized my planner and I thought I'd do another planner tour and tell you about my favorite feature now--my Nate Berkus pencil bag!

This bag is so much better than my other one. I had the ARC plastic zipper pouch, but it wasn't big enough or stretchy, so it was always breaking open and my stuff would fall out. This is made of a canvas-like material and has two zipper pockets! And my favorite feature--a strap on the back so it slips right onto my planner and I'm set to go! I explain all about it in the video below, but here's a pic for you:

After I did the video on Tuesday, I spent some time really thinking about my color-coding system. I was only using my pens to color-code items written on my calendar & to-do lists. It occurred to me I really need to utilize this better! I got some post-it notes that coordinate with my pens, so I plan to use them according to my categories: pink for home, orange for school, etc. That way, as soon as my eye lands on it, I'll know what category it's in! It was kind of a "duh" moment for me...LOL

I also updated my daily/weekly list, and while I was at it...you guessed it: I color-coded it!

Like before, I have my dailies listed on both sides: morning & evening. Then, my weeklies are split up: Mon-Wed on the first side, to coincide with my week on two pages spread, and Thu-Sun on the other side. I also added a top border to when it's closed, it's easily visible!

Check out my updated planner tour (minus the new list) here and leave a comment!


  1. THANK YOU a million times for your Arc planner videos! I recently decided to go back to a paper based planner/calendar after struggling for years with a digital only calendar.

    A friend suggested I consider Arc, but the closest Staples is 71 miles away, so I wanted to make sure I liked the planner before I invested in it (considering the supplies are a costly, albeit one time, expense).

    So I took to the internet and found your reviews! They helped SO MUCH!

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into them.

    I also really enjoy your blog! I'm an organizing addict and your blog is full of wonderful information!

    I also wanted to post that I found the pencil pouch you referenced in your video at Target and I took pics of the tags. They appear to be Threshold brand.....although the back tag says "Distributed by Target Corporation" and "Target Brands." It's called a Pencil Pouch. I tried searching for it online (before I found it in the store) but wasn't successful. Hopefully this helps other readers find one too. They're AWESOME!!

    So now I have my Arc planner AND the pencil pouch :) It's heaven!

    I'm doing a blogpost right now about why I reverted back to paper!!

    Thanks again!

    1. Awesome! I'm glad I could help! I understand the hesitation considering you couldn't look at it in person before you committed, but I hope you enjoy it now that you got it! Thanks for the info on the pouch, too! That's extremely helpful! I have to admit, I went back and got the other color, which is a beautiful green. I haven't used it yet, but I tucked it away in case the one I have gets worn out or I change my cover to another color. ;) I didn't want it to disappear when I need it "someday"! haha