Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Move

Here's an update on how I'm doing with "decrapifying":

This has been a crazy week! We found out on Wednesday that we are moving. MOVING! I'm so excited, that I've actually been getting up early (and I'm not a morning person) to pack & declutter each morning. But, I also work outside the home, teach a Bible study on Wednesday nights & Thursday was our 15th wedding anniversary, so to say this week has been a whirlwind is to put it lightly.

But the good news for you is that I'll have TONS more stuff to post about on here now that I get to completely start from scratch at organizing a new place! And maybe, if I have time, I can share some moving tips that have or haven't worked for us. I've found a lot of ideas on Pinterest that I'm excited to try!

How have your organizing efforts been going?

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